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Linda Sam is a multipreneur, grassroots community stakeholder, virtual assistant, mother, wife, an active member of the Los Angeles City Club and a Preservationist for the Legacies of Jazz and Blues Legends in Los Angeles. When asked about Linda Sam’s new venture Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Bright says: “I am excited to have supported Linda Sam on this journey.  She has truly embraced her commitment to only doing those things that bring her joy.” 


Some notable accomplishments are that Linda Sam has honored and celebrated 177 Jazz and Blues honorees have been recognized by the city and County of Los Angeles; she is an active community Stakeholder who fights for the rights and community culture of Leimert Park; she has been a virtual assistant and an editor she has added value to notable entrepreneurs, such as, Dr. George C. Fraser, Barbara Lindsey, Barbara Morrison and many others.  She is the effective editor with the eagle eye that makes sure that all of her client’s written communications sparkle. Her clients are very respected in their respective fields, Dr. George Fraser being a business coach, entrepreneur, and  real estate investor. Along with Mrs. Barbara Morrison, a Jazz legend, she’s been featured in the LA Times and is also on the faculty at UCLA. 


Now with over 30 years of volunteering and sharing her expertise with some of the most highly respected entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, and community stakeholders, Linda Sam is coming from behind the scenes into the spotlight, with the launch of her website, Linda says: “This is a new phase in my life! represents me and combines everything that I am passionate about.  Linda is enthusiastic about all phases of her new venture and has diligently worked to showcase her talents and abilities.


Linda Sam is an entrepreneur that is very active on the world stage around women empowerment, as an avid Jazz and Blues Preservationist, Linda will continue to book talent for her member participation at City Club LA’s quarterly Jazz in the Sky, event that continues to celebrate the Legacy of Jazz and Blues Legends. She has had a multi-dimensional impact in her local community. She has presented polished business communications through the use of her “Eagle Eye” proofreading, consulting, organizational, and virtual assistant services; helped seniors quickly shore up their legacy through effective financial strategies; and volunteered countless hours to help the community.


Life represents Linda’s “Eagle Eye” and her innate ability to support Seniors and Entrepreneurs through her proofreading, consulting, organizational, and virtual assistant services.


Linda’s most exciting endeavor is continuing her work with an exclusive weekly podcast series for 55+ couples; this group provides a valuable resource to married couples who seek to stay that way. Linda has supported and encouraged married couples to stay married and to hold on to each other during the Covid-19 pandemic. Believing that monthly travel and support will help married couples stay together during tough times. To help married couples as they thrive to stay in love and grow in success through these Leisure activities.


In conclusion is a hub to connect with the life and passion of Linda Sam who in this golden diva age of 60 is doing all things that bring her joy.

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